Write the Vision and Make it Clear

What kind of children’s ministry does God want you to build? What do your blue prints look like? In Habakkuk 2:2 we read that God instructed Habakkuk to “Write the vision...” God knew the importance of having a vision; He knew that anything that is going to succeed must begin with a vision. It has been said, “If you can see the invisible you can do the impossible!” Where do you see your children’s ministry in 5 years? 10 years? If you see your children’s ministry in the same place it is now, there is no vision. Someone with vision looks to the future and sees progress. Vision could be a picture in your mind of 10 times the number of children and families attending within the next several years and your church having to add on to make room for the growing numbers of children. It could also be to simply have families more interactive with their children and reaching out to the community in a greater way. Vision is not necessarily based on numbers. So how do you determine the vision for the children’s ministry of your church?

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Is Your Approach To Family Ministry Working?




I've been asked to take on the role of "Family Ministry Coordinator" for our church. As I prepare for this role I ask myself the following questions: 

  • Is sending a fun card or activity page home, for parents to do with their kids, really working? Are parents committing themselves "wholeheartedly" to God's commands and repeating them to their children/youth day in and day out (Deuteronomy 6:5-7)?
  • What about offering "Family Fun Nights" that bring families together, is that the most effective way to enhance their spiritual parenting skills?
  • Or is it that one "Big Family Friendly Event" that really helps teach parents how to raise up their children/youth in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6)?

My conclusion is that none of the above attempts in establishing a healthy family ministry are as effective as we would like them to be.

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"I love the heart of Jesus in Jeans. Always encouraging the ministers of children to run the race with right priorities! You put the Jesus pictures in my face to keep the visual reminder there for me of how real His Love is for us. Thank you! For that encouragement, I actually returned to children's ministry after a 5 year "time out". God used your pictures and your unselfish posts to reel me back in! Thank you! There's fire in my bones!!!!" - Jan Laster

 "I've been writing my own curriculum for the past 8 years because I could never find anything worth buying until I purchased and taught Jesus In Jeans. It's the best out there, thanks for writing it!" - Aaron Leatherbarrow, Children's Pastor- Tulsa, OK

 "I am the Children's Director of one of the fastest growing churches in the United States. I researched many well-known publishers, but was extremely impressed when I saw Jesus In Jeans! Their statement of faith says so much about them and their commitment to growing our kids spiritually and preparing them for a REAL relationship with Jesus. The well-thought out lessons offered in three phases of learning really do help the kids THINK about the concept, UNDERSTAND it, and APPLY it. I am excited to see how our kids will come to learn, love and live their Bible! Thank you Jesus in Jeans! This does show our kids Jesus is RELEVANT to every part of their lives." - Lorilee Morgan, Children's Director- Salinas, CA

"We are currently teaching "All About My Bible" and I just love how excited kids are about reading the Bible and how eager they are to learn how to use it!" - Cindy Hieniger - Monticello IL

"I was so pleased with the testimony of one of our male volunteers I had to share it with you. I had asked him to join the "kids klub" ministry where we are doing Jesus In Jeans. He was real reluctant but agreed to be a small group leader. On our 2ndweek, he led 3 of the children in his group into a relationship with Christ. Talk about pumped! I teased that we could always put him back in the prayer meeting he was in before, if he preferred. So our church is loving the curriculum and more importantly, we are seeing the desired outcome from using it - children coming to Christ and growing. - Pixie Coleman- Keil, WI

"Jesus in Jeans is going great. The kids love all the games. It seems to really be reaching them because they are always excited about coming to class. My class has been growing and the word is getting out about Jesus in Jeans. Thank you so much." - Adriana Scott - Church of Truth Ministries - Ohio

"Recently Miles, one of our JIJ teachers, shared that he really liked the JIJ material because it's so easy to teach and could be used for any age group. He is the father of a junior in high school and has been able to use the JIJ material to explain Biblical principles to his son's friends, some of which are not believers, when they have asked about the Christian walk. Thanks JIJ!" - Jan Slagell - Integrity Church, Burlington, NC

"Wanted you to know that last Sunday 8 kids came to Jesus. (It wasn't the ABC Sunday, but I just felt the urge to stop and offer) this Sunday in second service there were over 15 kids!!!!!!! The ABC pamphlet is fabulous along with the Salvation booklet. Good job." - Lorilee M. First Presbyterian Church of Salinas, Salinas, CA

"Yesterday was a great morning as we started JIJ. The kids were so focused in on listening and watching during the "focus" story. And all leaders said the kids loved the "sin separates" activity with the water, oil, and syrup ("All About Jesus" qtr.). It is cool and the gives such a great visual to understanding the lesson. It really gave me a good discussion starter with both my groups. Instead of the musical apples/snake activity, our groups did the snake in a can activity. Kids loved the snake-they were not expecting it at all (I guess it's not as common now a days!). Once again, it lead into a great discussion." - Cindy Heiniger - Crossroads Church - IL

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