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Creative For Kids & Jesus In Jeans are committed to supporting those who devote their time to ministering to kids and their families. We offer several training videos that include free resources for you to download and use within your kids ministry. This page is where you will find some of the free resources mentioned in our training videos. To watch our training videosYou may want to bookmark this page and keep checking it as we will continue to add new forms and documents periodically.

The administrative side of kids ministry seems to be the last area given attention because there are only so many hours in a day and most of those hours are spent recruiting, preparing lesson, or teaching. But the truth is if some time is not devoted to the "paperwork" part of ministry you end up spinning your wheels and going nowhere. If you want your children's ministry to thrive and grow it has to be organized administratively. To help you in this area we suggest you find someone in your church that loves to organize things and has the gift of administration and ask them to volunteer 1 or 2 hours a week to help in this area. AND, to save you from having to start from scratch we've included various documents below that you can download, that will give you a place to begin organizing.


Click here to download: Visitor_sign in_sheet (Publisher)

Click here to download: ID badges (Publisher)

Click here to download: 1stTimeVisit cards (Publisher)


Click here to download: Adult Volunteer Application (Microsoft Word Document)

Click here to download: Adult Volunteer Application with Questions (Microsoft Word Document)

Click here to download: Policy & Procedures Manual (Microsoft Word Document)

Click here to download: Youth Aid Application (Microsoft Word Document)

Click here to download: Youth Aid Job Description (Microsoft Word Document)

Click here to download: Incident / Accident Form (Microsoft Word Document)

Curriculum Samples

Download free samples of Jesus In Jeans Curriculum.

Free sample of JIJ Jr Preschool Curriculum.


Free sample of JIJ Elementay Curriculum.


Elementary Scope & Sequence

  • Jesus In Real Life Series (Year One)


  • Living Real Life Series    (Year Two)


JIJ Junior Scope & Sequence

  • Bible Rhymes


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