WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES FOR KIDS? When Jesus’ teachings on love, trust and obedience are taught. Where faith in Jesus turns lives away from sin and toward God. WHAT IF? … You had a curriculum that taught kids the practical spiritual truths that inspire them to seek a personal relationship with Jesus? A relationship where they fully trust Him and turn to Him for the answers to all their questions. The kind of relationship where Jesus is truly their Lord and Savior. A relationship that brings about tangible and positive change within them. Which in turn, will affect the people around them in a positive way that leads them to Jesus too.

JESUS IN JEANS™ shares Jesus' life and teachings with kids, K - 5th grade, in a relevant way that will help them relate to him and apply his truths to their everyday life. Based on Luke 2:40 "There the child grew strong in body and wise in spirit. And the grace of God was on him." our goal is to include everything kids need to grow strong in body, live wise in spirit and enjoy God's grace in everyday life. What an amazing witness they would be for Christ if we partner together to reach that goal! 

Michele Triplett, Editor of Jesus In Jeans, explains the purpose of Jesus In Jeans Curriculum, why Jesus is in jeans, the 3 learning experiences each lesson is written around, and how each lesson is structured.

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THREE PHASES OF LEARNING: Each lesson is written with three things in mind. First, we get kids to think about the main focus of that day’s lesson. Once they’re thinking about it, we want to help them understand what the Bible has to say about the lesson in a way they can relate to it in their everyday life. When kids understand the lesson, we encourage them to look for ways they can apply the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives. So your basic Jesus in Jeans lesson layout will look something like this:

Optional Small Group / Optional Large Group
Praise & Worship
Welcome Intro / Think About It! Skit
Focus Story
Focus Frame
Optional Large Group Game

Small Groups K – 5th
Focus Prayer


  • Teachers guide

  • Focus Stories – Engaging bible stories that connect kids to scripture

  • Focus Frame - Object lessons that make the Focus Fact and Focus Verse relevant

  • Focus Facts – Main point we want the kids to take home with them

  • Focus Verse – Main verse we want them to have hidden in their hearts

  • Large Group - Focused "hands on" activities & games

  • Small Group - Focus on Jesus in me & Jesus through me

  • Focus Prayer – to close out each lesson with their focus on God

  • "STUFF YOU NEED" list - all supplies combined in one place for easy prep time

  • Weekly Power Points – Creative visual slide presentation teaching aides provided on CD

  • Weekly Drama skits or videos - Funny skits or videos that get kids brains focused on main theme of the lesson

  • Review Q&A with suggested games to help review each month

  • Traditional Format includes a binder with all lessons printed and CD containing all files needed

We’d rather give you too much content than not enough. So we’ve designed the lessons so that you can include the important stuff first then add optional activities as time allows, based on the length of your service. If time does not allow you to include the entire lesson, you could teach the optional sections during the midweek service (if your church has one) or as a small group during the week before or after the main lesson is taught.


Curriculum Samples

Download free samples of Jesus In Jeans Curriculum.

Free sample of JIJ Jr Preschool Curriculum.


Free sample of JIJ Elementay Curriculum.


Elementary Scope & Sequence

  • Jesus In Real Life Series (Year One)


  • Living Real Life Series    (Year Two)


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Jesus In Jeans Curriculum

All About Jesus Qtr. takes kids on a journey from Jesus' birth all the way to His resurrection. It addresses daily struggles and temptations kids face and teaches them to look to Jesus for help and answers.

Jesus In Jeans Curriculum

All About My Bible Qtr. focuses on helping kids K - 5th grade understand how important their Bible is. In month one they will discover God's incredible story. In month two they will begin to understand why God wrote His story down. In month three they will be encouraged to make God's incredible story a part of their everyday life.

Jesus In Jeans Curriculum

All About Jesus’ Kingdom Qtr. takes kids on a journey through Jesus' kingdom. It reveals Jesus as the King of kings and describes the kingdom he rules. As kids embark on a journey they will meet Knights, Archers, and other characters that will challenge them to choose between taking the wide road to a worldly kingdom or choosing the narrow gate that leads to Jesus' Heavenly Kingdom.

Jesus In Jeans Curriculum

All About Running The Race Qtr. focuses on the life of the Apostle Paul and how he ran his race. In month one they will learn how to train wisely for the race. In month two they will find out how to run with endurance and integrity and how to choose the right kind of training partners. In month three they will be encouraged to run to win, cross the finish line, and claim the prize.

Jesus In Jeans Curriculum

All About Jesus Living In Me Qtr. invites kids to take a tour of KidsTown. Each resident’s behavior both good and bad, will show kids importance of letting Jesus live in us. During the tour Kids will be encouraged to apply Jesus' teachings to their everyday choices and actions. As they choose to do this their focus will no longer be on them living for themselves, it will be on letting Jesus live in them.

Jesus In Jeans Curriculum

Our Bible tells us to fight the good fight of faith, stay alert, and to know where our helps come from. When you teach, All about Winning the Battle, you will help kids learn that Jesus has already won the war, how to recognize the devils deception and lies, and how they can stand firm in their faith and not loose everyday battles they face.

Jesus In Jeans Curriculum

All About Jesus Working Through Me Qtr. focuses on what Jesus wants to do through us as we allow Him to live in us. It takes kids through a "Search and Rescue" training course with Mr. Reece Cue, where they discover the joy of rescuing those who are searching or lost. They will learn about gadgets and techniques and how those can also apply to the greatest search and rescue mission of all!

Jesus In Jeans Curriculum

Before Jesus went to heaven He promised to send us a very special helper to fill our hearts with His love (Romans 5:5) . Help kids learn more about their helper, show them how He leads them in God's truth, and helps them understand why they should listen to Him and surrender to His direction, based on the Bible.